Worthy of being the first posting here.

I know it’s a Hollywood, Nolan, A list super mega U.S.A -Tastic film…but it made me cry.

I think it’s mostly Hans Zimmer’s gloriously simple and stripped-back sound track that sent me to that crying place. It’s so Hans Zimmer, but not.

I was watching or reading something about how he scored this epic. Rather than know anything about the film, he was given a piece of paper about the general vibe of the film. Nothing about the style, scope or budget of the damn thing.

The church organ really adds some kind of religious, other thing ‘beyond science vibe’ to the whole thing…which fits so well and takes it away from bloody sci fi number 8 cannon lazer deflector shield shit.

Everybody is saying it’s a new classic. I probably agree.

That arsehole side of me wants to hate Nolan because he’s like so #totally #hot #right #now. But he’s a legend here.